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Bragg Centenary Lectures: 21 March 1990

Held in the Rutherford Lecture Theatre, Schuster Building, Brunswick Street, Manchester.


The original programme included Max Perutz, but he went down with a “very bad cold” the day before the event and Arnold Beevers, Mike Hart, Dorothy Hodgkin, John Helliwell and Sergey Kapitza were added to the list of speakers


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Henry Hall

1. Henry Hall welcoming speech.


Duration 07:13 Size 128 MB.

David Sandiford

2. David Sandiford welcoming speech.


Duration 07:21 Size 111 MB.

Henry Lipson

3. Henry Lipson.


Duration 34:59 Size 479 MB.

Nevill Mott

4. Nevill Mott.

Duration 29:42 Size 313 MB.

Mott was still on a British Rail train when the meeting started.

Arnold Beevers

5. Arnold Beevers.


Duration 12:26 Size 180 MB.

6. Michael Hart.


Duration 15:14 Size 198 MB.

Michael Hart

7. Dorothy Hodgkin.

Duration 14:26 Size 198 MB.

Poor audio quality. Mic not switched on.

Dorothy Hodgkin

8. John Helliwell.


Duration 15:17 Size 128 MB.

John Helliwell

9. Sergei Kapitsa (son of Pyotr Kapitsa).

Duration 10:26 Size 176 MB.

Piotr Kapitsa

10. Philip Livesey President of Lit and Phil. introduced by Max Irvine.


Duration 3:53 Size 92 MB.

Philip Livesey


Technical details. The best available source (S-VHS) was made into a digital master at 768 x 576 pixels and 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. These files, when played onto a good monitor will appear better than they did when played off a 1990 domestic VHS machine onto a typical 1990 domestic CRT screen. However, the files are very large (about 30GB per hour) and to facilitate streaming, a 576p compressed mp4 version at 50% quality is provided here (about 800MB per hour) and there will be some visible artifacts.

Camera: John Turner. Digitisation & Editing: Robin Marshall.


Copyright. The meeting was filmed by the Department of Physics' laboratory steward, John Turner, at the University of Manchester in 1990 and copyright is held by the University until 2060. The use of these videos for private study is freely permitted, but any use for commercial purposes whether in whole or part requires a licence from the University.


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